Thought of joining a choir and not got round to it? The Chagford Singers have no auditions and are looking for members who take their rehearsal and learning seriously – even if you struggle to sightread a score well. Practice at home using various websites and performances on You Tube to learn parts is expected. By half way though a 12 week term we are past any note-bashing and working to finesse the programme and looking forward to any support we have from soloists, organ and orchestra.

Have a look around our website for further information and feel free to use the Contact Us page for more information and to set up a visit to a rehearsal.

The Summer Concert is normally a lighter programme and will take place this year in the Jubilee Hall on 22 June. This will feature some sacred music, selections from the King’s singers, a selection from Oklahoma and music from Queen including the Bohemian Rhapsody! What’s not to like in this challenge?

We start summer concert rehearsals on 24th April and would love to have new singers coming to try us out then….

Finally, think of the mental challenge and aerobic fitness involved. Beats a trip to the gym, we say!

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