Tim wasted no time in getting everyone up (literally) and working hard.

One of the most iconic 20th century choral works, Carmina Burana, paints a picture of mediaeval debauchery. The texts are taken from twenty-four 13th century songs and poems discovered in Beuren in 1803 (hence Carmina Burana – ‘Songs of Beuren’) which cover timeless topics including wealth, fortune, drinking, gambling and lust. Written between 1935 and 1936 Orff’s modernist, even avant-garde, style gives a raw, energetic, and rhythmically exciting soundworld which captures the essence of the songs whilst harnessing multiple musical influences.

Tim Pithers, Musical Director

On a howling October day, we tackled some 12 of the dramatic and musically-challenging movements within the work. We had a lot of fun doing so and explored the SATB parts, broke into 2 choirs and kept slipping between plaintive, piqued and lusty German while learning a little of the raunchy German meanings – where Tim dared translate.

And to add icing to a musical cake, 

the lasagne and salad lunch was delicious.

The big question now is:  When is the next one and what will it be?????

The closing ‘O Fortuna’ from our informal performance 

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